Workshop med Philippe Blanchard
3-7 juli

‍Workshop Philippe Blanchard

Philippe Blanchard is proposing a frame of work based on improvisations to explore around the theme of community. Group synchronicity, mass movements and investigation on bodies of others. Demanding physically, the work that the participants goes though is technical, in addition of being sensitive towards the shift of the ensemble. Methods initiated in this experience aimed to investigate meanings of collaborating, creating and functioning together, reaching to define rules for individuals to evolve as one body. The experience is also undeniably a reflection on the role of the individual in the mass and a look upon the possibility to unfold our imagination together

French-born Philippe Blanchard has created both independent and commissioned performances at the forefront of Swedish contemporary dance and the European dance companies for nearly twenty years. His works developing into installation-like studies with both skilled and untrained performers. Suggesting rather than telling, Blanchard's finely layered pieces address the creative potential of each viewer by making room for interpretation, uncertainty and wonder while consistently providing subtle details to rely on. An adventurous artist daring to explore unknown subjects and methods, he develops his expression in a continual process of investigation where every project is bound to its own rules while moving consciously forward from the previous one. After creating works such as "Airbag", "Noodles", "Quiproquo", "One's company, "How about you?" which toured in more then 14 countries, Philippe decided to relocated himself in U.K where he created two works " This is that" and " There are no such thing such as silly things".


Intermediate and Advanced (Balettakademien level F-A) for intermediate participants over 16 years of age, vocational students and professional dancers. This course is held for one week and is based on daily attendance. Application can only be made for the entire week.


To book the course, please press "BOKA KURSEN NU". You will then be redirected to a booking form. The form is also available in English.


Plats: Birger Jarlsgatan 70, 10239 STOCKHOLM

Startdatum: 3 jul 2017

Slutdatum: 7 jul 2017

Antal veckor: 1

Tid: Må 14:00-18:00

Ti 14:00-18:00

On 14:00-18:00

To 14:00-18:00

Fr 14:00-18:00

Studietimmar: 26

Sammankomster: 5

Arrangemangsnr: 888945

Pris: 2500kr