AUDITION 2016-2017

AUDITION 2016-2017

It is customary that Wallmans and Golden Hits hold their auditions the three first weeks of February every year.That time of the year is usually a very busy period for a lot of artists and has therefor prevented them to come to our auditions.That is why we this season has decided to move one of the three audition weeks to October.We hope that this little move will make it possible to see many more of the talented artists that wants to work in our company.

Auditions for Wallmans and Golden Hits for the season 2017-2018 will be held as follows:

NEW AUDITION! Copenhagen

17th-19th of October 2016

Singers, Dancers, Allrounders.


15th-17th of January 2017

Singers (Application page opens in December)


22nd-24th of January 2017

Singers, Dancers, Allrounders (Application page opens in December)

The audition in October 2016 will only be held in Copenhagen.Stockholm and Oslo will as always hold their auditions in the beginning of 2017.If you want to register to audition in Stockholm or Oslo you have to wait until we open the audition page again the 1st of December. All auditions are held for all Wallmans and Golden Hits productions starting summer of 2017.

Please note that you don’t have to audition more than once for the upcoming season, casting representatives from all our venues will be present at all auditions.