10 Signs You Used to Be A Dancer

1. Christmas? Oh, you mean Nutcracker time... (And yes, you know what's going on during every track. "This is the party scene, this is when the Spanish dancers dance...")

2. You spell "point" as "pointe".

3. When you're out and about with friends and you've thrown your hair up in a bun, the common exclamation is, "How do you get your bun so perfect?" (Lots and lots of practice, my friend.)

4. You know how to make your eyeliner wings perfect, or well, you attempt to. (And you do think they look a lot like fish tales, but you're used to it.)

5. Pedicures are not a thing. Or, you're still getting used to being able to get them. (Soft feet didn't do so well in Pointe shoes.)

6. In the middle of a public place, if you hear a song you know choreography to, you no longer listen to the song or those around you, you do the choreography in your head or with your hands first, and even in person sometimes...

7. Your chiropractor is one of your dearest old friends. (They've helped you out in even the toughest of times.)

8. When someone counts, "5, 6, 7, 8..." Your immediate response is "What's my choreography? Hello? Oh, you're just counting?" (Hearing those numbers will never be the same.)

9. You love knowing you still have your splits and you still love doing them. (And you love being able to show them off...)

10. You'll never forget the discipline dance taught you, or the friends you made through it. Those friends were the friends you spent most of your time with.